How to sell your product more expensive?


Of course, pick the right packaging for it!

Packaging is the face of any product: sausage or meat delicatessen, alcohol or fish, fruit or cheese. A product in interesting packaging can look at a customer invitingly from the store shelves, provoking interest and desire to possess, while a product in an ordinary inconspicuous packaging can get lost among competitors. The right packaging is able to evoke a sense of quality and naturalness of the product, and therefore a desire to buy. How can this be achieved?

We offer manufacturers of products and consumer goods a few simple steps.

Explore the packaging market and find a new solution

The packaging market is one of the most dynamic markets in the world!

Every year, and we follow it closely, new collections of old tried-and-true materials appear, as well as new innovative types of packaging, striking the imagination with their functional and technological properties, and at the same time - affordable and easy to use even in mass production.

Renewed packaging will make your product look more expensive for your loyal customers and make those who have not yet become loyal look at it in a new way.

For example, the additional packaging of sausages in netting has become one of the most interesting trends in the development of the meat processing industry in Russia.

Create a distinctive design for your product and its packaging

If you go into any typical supermarket in your area and look at the shelf with your product category, you will see a row of typically packaged products. Only a few will stand out from the general row with their non-standard color, design, and packaging. And it is them that you will want to take in your hands in the first place, even if only out of professional interest.

Modern packaging materials and solutions have the widest range of variations to differentiate your product.

With the help of a packaging nets you can change the shape, for example, of a sausage and its cut, accentuate the colors of the brand or trademark of the product, enhance the premium perception of the product, emphasize certain properties or product attributes: naturalness, traditionality, freshness, etc.

Stylish color design of product packaging is a real chance for many producers to enter large retail chains, and for those of them who have already entered the networks - an even more significant chance to highlight their goods on the shelf and attract the attention of customers.

Implement the new solution quickly and optimize the cost of these changes

Often one of the main obstacles for the introduction of innovative technologies and types of packaging is their poor adaptation to the conditions of existing production facilities of different manufacturers working in this market.

Often introduction of new packaging requires installation of new equipment, long-term debugging of production processes, involvement of specialists for consultations, sometimes it leads to defects and other additional, not always economic, expenses.

Rosnet has been producing sausage nets for over 18 years. Gradually, step by step, we have formed this market and become its leader. At the moment, all the leading meat processing holdings of the Russian Federation, companies from near and far abroad work with us. Perhaps there is no such type of equipment and productions with which we have not yet worked. Our specialists can advise and adapt the nets to almost any of them.

Nets are cheap, functional and promising means of transforming a standard familiar product into a truly competitive product that will appeal to the end customer.

We have tested and introduced netting in the meat processing market, but this is not the only sphere of netting application. Nest are also widely used for packaging of consumer goods, industrial and agricultural products and products. The range of netting applications in production is constantly expanding, which means that, perhaps, your product can become special in netting from "Rosnet"!