The history of using nets in packaging



The nets are relatively more expensive than similar materials made from polyethylene and other synthetic materials, however, natural fiber nets are environmentally friendly and it is a biodegradable packaging, fully consistent with modern market trends, namely:

1. Hygienic packaging

One of the key requirements is hygiene of packaging. It should be said that the ROSNET nets fully complies with these requirements and has all the necessary hygienic certificates.

2. Minimalistic packaging

Minimalism in packaging design has existed for several years, but it still remains sought-after trend among consumers. All attention is directed to the product in this package, but not to the package itself.

One type of minimalistic packaging is transparent packaging. The attractiveness lies in showing the product as it is. The consumer understands that his expectations will not be disappointed. This requirement can be fully provided with packaging from ROSNET.

3. Biodegradable packaging

This trend is a smart approach in packaging. More and more people realize that it is necessary to move away from plastic in favor of biodegradable packaging. The ROSNET nets is made from natural threads and are fully biodegradable.