Nets for sausages

The sausage nets are the main ROSNET’s line of business. The nets gives a special look to the sausage that differs it from other sausages, which attracts attention with its appearance. The nets give an exclusive look to ordinary sausages.

Our customers research shows that sausages in nets are perceived to be more natural and more premium than sausages packaged without them. By using nets, you can simulate traditional manual twine tying or create a completely new, unusual product design.

Nets for sausage not only radically changes the appearance of the sausage loaf, but also solves some technological and functional problems. For example, nets are successfully using to strengthen sausage casings.

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How to give sausage an unusual and attractive appearance if the vast majority of casings have the same straight cylindrical shape?

The most effective and cheapest way is to use nets. They gives to sausage products modern shapes and an attractive appearance. With netting, you can imitate the traditional hand-tied twine or create a completely new, unusual product design.

Created with the help of netting the sightly appearance, lovely design of products solves the problem of increasing the sales of products - it makes sausages noticeable and memorable for your production, creates a recognizable image of a new brand, separates one product line from the other. Besides, netting is successfully used to strengthen the casings.

Nets are used with all known types of casings of domestic and imported production. Nets successfully replace manual strapping, eliminate manual labor and significantly increase labor productivity.

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Nets for sausages