For sausage

The sausage nets are the main ROSNET’s line of business. The nets gives a special look to the sausage that differs it from other sausages, which attracts attention with its appearance. The nets give an exclusive look to ordinary sausages.

Our customers research shows that sausages in nets are perceived to be more natural and more premium than sausages packaged without them. By using nets, you can simulate traditional manual twine tying or create a completely new, unusual product design.

The sausage mesh not only radically changes the appearance of the sausage loaf, but also solves some technological and functional problems. For example, nets are successfully using to strengthen sausage casings.

We produce three types of sausage nets:

Elastic nets are intended for casings that have a significant degree of shrinkage after heat treatment of the product.

The ROSNET company offers the widest assortment of designs, colors, sizes of sausage nets, which will make your product unique and make it stand out on store shelves.