For seedling roots

Another application of the nets is the elastic agronomic net for plant seedlings. This net is used to pack a clod of earth in which the plant's root system develops.

The advantage of using an elastic netting for packing seedlings is that the net:

  • allows you to keep the clod of earth in which the root system of the plant has developed, as intact as possible during transportation - this makes it possible for the plant to preserve the most delicate part of the root system, which will develop in a new place,
  • due to the elasticity of the nets, the root system is not pinched in a coma of earth, retains its moisture and sufficient density for a long time,
  • transplanting a plant together with a lump allows the plant to better take root in a new place, gently adapt to new soil, thanks to the grid, plant survival increases by 18-25%, which significantly reduces the loss of any agricultural production,
  • the net is made of natural latex, which degrades and dissolves over time, which ensures harmonious growth and distribution of the plant's root system, as well as environmental friendliness of land use.

Combined with seedling machines can be packed in a net 200-400 rhizomes per hour. This is a definite plus given the spring rise in summer residents demand in this market.

It is not the first year that we have been supplying nets for seedlings to our customers, and every year we see an increase in demand for this method of packing the roots of seedlings.

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For seedling roots