For delicacies and confectionery

Confectionery is one of the most difficult categories in terms of positioning and selling. It is necessary not only to guess with the taste of the product, it is necessary to create such a package in which the product would not be ashamed to present. That is why it is often the confectioners who introduce new types of packaging into wide circulation.

Mesh is one of the oldest packaging materials for confectionery, along with paper and cardboard, before the era of polyethylene. The grid allows, on the one hand, to view the product in the package, on the other hand, it allows the product to breathe and exude aroma, which undoubtedly affects its chances of being purchased.

The ROSNET company offers a wide range of nets suitable for packing any confectionery products, first packed in individual packaging, and then complete in a net: chocolate bars, various kinds of sweets, cookies, sweets and the like.