For fruits and vegetables

The ROSNET netting is perfect for packing fruits and vegetables, in different forms:

  • Packing individual large fruits and vegetables in an individual net, such as mini watermelons, melons, pomelos, grapefruits, pumpkins, Chinese cabbage, etc.
  • Packing several vegetables or fruits in a net: apples, tangerines, onions, tomatoes, etc.
  • Additional packaging of baskets, trays with vegetables and fruits, which allows you to beautifully and ecologically present products, but also to ensure their visibility and ventilation.

A grid of contrasting colors for packaging fruits and vegetables allows you to draw attention to these products, draw attention to additional properties of the product, for example, environmental friendliness of production.

The net for vegetables and fruits is made of soft textile materials, which allows keeping the fruits in their original form during transportation.

There are two types of nets that are more often used for packing fruits and vegetables:

  • Non elastic nets "Romb" - it is usually used for packaging large amount of fruits
  • Elastic net "Classic" is used for packing onions and other vegetables, fruits, sensitive to compression

ROSNET offers a wide range of nets for packing vegetables and fruits. We will be happy to help you to find the best solution for your product.