Micro, Classic, Extra

Elastic nets are most often used for forming and pressing pieces of meat in the manufacture of meat products and other types of delicacies. There are three types of this mesh, differing in density and density of cells ("Classic", "Extra" and "Micro").

Today, elastic nets can be divided into the following types:

  • forming and decorative nets for sausages;
  • Nets for smoking meat products (can withstand temperatures up to +125 °C);
  • nets for raw meat;
  • Nets for baking and cooking;
  • nets for fish (smoking, forming fish rolls).



Nets diameter in maximum stretched state: 80 - 300 mm

Number of cells per circumference: 6 to 48

Net type "Classic": 4 loops between the elastic bands

Net type "Extra": 3 loops between the elastic bands

Net type "Micro": 2 loops between the elastic bands

Thermal resistance: +125°C